People Development

Introducing comprehensive people development services for organizations, to transform HR into a Strategic Function

Hiring Strategy

From highly specialized roles to multi-functional roles; From hiring for experience to hiring for potential; I help entrepreneurs grappling with conflicting priorities set up a dynamic recruitment strategy with clarity on who to hire, when to hire, why to hire, where to hire, how to hire, what to hire?

Performance Management Systems

I assist in implementing effective performance management systems, including defining clear performance metrics, conducting regular evaluations, and providing feedback and recognition. My goal is to help you create a culture of continuous improvement and drive high performance.

Succession Planning Frameworks

I collaborate with entrepreneurs to identify key roles within the organization and develop succession plans to ensure a smooth transition of leadership. This strategic approach helps you build a pipeline of talented individuals ready to take on critical positions.

Coaching Services

I offer one-on-one coaching for key personnel to unlock their full potential. Through personalized coaching sessions, I help employees set goals, overcome challenges, and maximize their professional growth. 

Mentoring Program Design

From designing a pilot mentoring program to forming or updating existing mentoring programs, the expertise required is completely different from any other people function. This is where I bring in my expertise in One-to-one mentoring, group mentoring, mentoring circles and reverse mentoring. Let’s explore the right mentoring program for your organization together.

Through the people development services, I empower entrepreneurs to build and maintain a high-functioning workforce, aligning HR with their strategic goals. At Business Karya, I am dedicated to helping you recruit top talent, develop employees' skills, retain valuable team members, and create a culture of growth and success.

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