Strategic Planning

Introducing business planning interventions for long term vision and goals

Business Model Canvas

At Business Karya, I understand the challenges that businesses face in identifying target customers, generating value, acquiring customers through reliable channels, and sustaining growth over time. Failing to address any of these crucial aspects can be detrimental to your business's success.

That's why I use the Business Model Canvas  to help you navigate these challenges effectively. We will jointly analyze your current business model, identify areas for improvement, and align your strategies with market opportunities and customer needs. Through collaborative workshops, expert guidance, and data-driven insights, we will create sustainable and competitive business models that will ensure your long-term success.

Let's wade through the complexities of business planning and enable you to explore, manage, and plan for a thriving future.

Reinvention Framework for Business Growth

Sustainable business growth is a top priority for entrepreneurs and business owners all over the globe. I have witnessed the challenges and complexities involved in scaling a business successfully. ‘Reinvention Framework for Business Growth’  guides you through this critical phase of your business journey. We will work together to analyze your current growth strategies, identify bottlenecks, and unlock untapped opportunities for expansion. Through personalized coaching, strategic planning, and data-driven insights, we empower you to

  • Know your Customer
  • Know your Market
  • Know your Competition
  • Position your Product/ Service
  • Create Awareness through Branding & Marketing
  • Design a Sales organization
  • Build your People Systems
  • Regulate your Review Plans
  • Own your Business Plan
Let's create a  dedicated partnership to drive your business forward and realizing its full potential.

Goal Setting Programs

Setting and achieving business goals require both an inside-out and an outside-in approach. Most entrepreneurs have a deep expertise in their business, making it easy for them to incorporate the inside-out approach. 

As a business mentor my value is in providing an external perspective. I help business owners to step back and objectively assess their goals, identify blind spots, recognize untapped opportunities, and refine their goal-setting process. My goal is to help businesses gain clarity, focus, and motivation to set ambitious yet realistic goals, ultimately accelerating their growth and achieving their desired outcomes.

Sales and Marketing Strategies

Sales and marketing are interconnected functions directly impacting the revenue earning capabilities of a business. At Business Karya, I help organization connect their sales and marketing goals, leading to interdependent strategies that feed each other. 

We deep dive into Sales forecasting, Business Development strategies, Key Account management, Competition battle planning, Customer Profiling, Pricing Strategies, Funnel Management, Value Proposition, Online and Offline Marketing , Reference Marketing etc. to ensure your sales and marketing efforts are aligned to achieve business goals.

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